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The Career Balance Membership is the perfect blend of community, coaching, and instruction - whether you're looking to change careers or find a new job!

  • Community access for the group of your choice (Career Direction or Job Search) with the option to change groups at any time

  • Weekly group sessions with your coach via Zoom 

  • Access to dozens of helpful worksheets, guides, and articles

  • Unlimited email communication with your coach

  • Your purchase is 100% secured.

  • Coaching

    Career Direction Focus

    Includes access to a moderated community of people like you who are searching for the right career path; downloadable worksheets, help guides, and short articles; and weekly group coaching sessions via Zoom.


    Coming Soon!

    Job Search Focus

    Includes access to a moderated community of job seekers like yourself; downloadable worksheets, help guides, and short articles; and weekly group coaching sessions via Zoom.


    Coming Soon!

    One-on-One Coaching Session

    Includes one, 55-minute coaching session via Zoom; topic to be determined by client. After purchase, your coach will reach out to schedule the session.



    Branding Services

    Resume Rewrite - 2 Pages

    Ready to upgrade that outdated resume? This affordable package includes a brainstorming session and a complete restructure/rewrite of your resume, incorporating essential keywords to get you noticed.



    LinkedIn OR Resume Review

    In order to be seen by recruiters, job seekers must ensure their application materials are SEO optimized and complete. Have a professional review your LinkedIn profile OR resume and provide suggestions for improvement. Includes a 30-minute session (by Zoom).



    LinkedIn AND Resume Review

    This package includes a 55-minute session (by Zoom) to review BOTH your LinkedIn profile and resume.




    Why Choose Balance Career Coaching?

    Career Direction

    If you're a recent grad who's not sure what they want to do with their shiny new degree, this is the group for you! If you're mid-career and tired of clocking into a job everyday that you don't enjoy, this group is for you too!

    Job Search

    This group is for those who know what they want to do, but need help finding the right place to do it! You'll gain insight on resume building, LinkedIn, networking, interviewing, and various job search tactics.

    Personal Branding

    Not sure how to modernize your outdated resume? Frustrated with all the resume templates out there that are anything but easy to use? Clueless on how to best utilize LinkedIn? I can help with all of that.


    What My Clients Say


    "I just wanted to let you know that I was accepted into A.T. Still's Medical School! Thank you so much for taking the time to give me some practice and talk me up! You helped me feel more confident after our practice interviews. It means a lot to me."

    Cole S.


    "I believe that Coach Tiffani definitely made a substantial contribution to my career goals. She was able to add a voice of reason and a touch of “you got this!” It made a big difference in how realistic I felt my goals were. And the fact that she's been through a career transition gave her insight that helped me model some of the actions she took to make her own career transition."

    Anitra G.

    "Highly recommended"

    "For anybody who is uncertain how to best proceed in their career, for whatever reason, at whatever stage, I highly recommend Tiffani as a coach. Her work is thorough, logical, and clear. And working with her will help you set the right foundation you need to succeed."

    Adna J.

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    Your Questions Answered

    Can I cancel my membership at any time? Or do I have to be a member for a certain number of months?

    Yes, you can cancel your membership at any time. Simply email [email protected] with your request within 5 business days of your next renewal, and we'll cancel your subscription. Please note that you may continue to access your community portal until your renewal date. After that, access will be removed.

    What if I start out in the Career Direction group but want to move into the Job Search group - how does that work?

    Many of my clients end up in this situation once they've found a clear direction for their career. When that happens, simply email me at [email protected] to request a move. There will be no disruption in your subscription, and the monthly fee is the same. Be sure you've downloaded the Career Direction documents you want to keep before making this request, as the Job Search documents are different.

    I'm not sure if this is right for me - can I do a free trial?

    Sure! Our free trial includes an invite to one of our weekly group coaching sessions so you can meet some of the other members of the group you would be joining. You'll be able to participate in discussions, ask questions (please save questions related to the membership for me later), and provide personal insight for other members. We'll follow that up with a 10-minute consult call to go over any additional questions you may have before you get started.

    Do I need to attend all of the weekly sessions? Will I miss out on important info if I skip a week?

    Nope! The agenda topics for each session will be posted in one of our discussion boards prior to the meeting date, so you'll know what we're going to be talking about in advance. If the topics don't interest you, feel free to skip that session. You can always check the document download area the following day for transcripts from the previous evening's session in case you want to know what you missed.

    Is this a private (secure) community?

    Absolutely! This is not a Facebook group (or any other public social media platform). The Career Balance Community is moderated by your coach, and requires advanced payment and a passcode to access. The platform we use is Heartbeat Chat, Inc. Rest assured that your information will never be sold to a third party. Your contact information is not visible to members - communication occurs only through Heartbeat unless you choose to meet outside of the platform.

    How long will I need to be a member before I find the right job?

    That's the million dollar question - how long with this process take? Unfortunately, I can't answer that question. For some, it takes a couple months, but for others, it can take up to a year or more. Most of that depends on if you're looking for a new career or just a new employer, whether you have education gaps that need to be filled before you should start looking for a new job, and your current work situation. Remember, if you're struggling with any stage of the career direction/job search process, you can always schedule a one-on-one session with me to work through the obstacles you've encountered so far.

    What happens when I get a job? Would it be beneficial for me to continue with my membership?

    Definitely! In fact, I'll be adding a third group to our community soon - Work Performance. The focus of this group will be to discuss some of those difficult situations we all encounter at work, including bad bosses, gossipy co-workers, micromanagement, lack of communication, and poor company culture. And that's only the tip of the work performance iceberg! Joining this group will give you access to others with similar questions and concerns, as well as questions you haven't even thought of yet (but probably will in the future). I'll announce the formation of this new group to both the Career Direction and Job Search communities once it's ready to go!

    Do you have a referral program?

    But of course! If you have a friend or family member you'd like to refer to Balance Career Coaching, just make sure that person mentions your name when they sign up, and you'll receive $10 off your next month's subscription. There's no limit to how many people you can refer, so send as many as you want my way! And thank you for the recommendation!

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