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About Me

Problem-Solver | Communicator | Strategic Thinker


One of my greatest strengths is my uncanny knack for solving problems and puzzles. I don't look at a problem the same way others do...I see it as a challenge to overcome rather than a reason to give up. 


Communication takes on different forms and has more than just one meaning. Yes, I communicate clearly and am able to do so in various formats for all different kinds of audiences. However, to me, communication is much more about listening and understanding than it is about talking, writing or presenting. 

Strategic Thinker

Being a strategic thinker means I have no trouble seeing the big picture or finding alternative ways to approach a challenge. I see patterns in words, behaviors, and history, and I analyze those patterns thoroughly to discover what's hiding beneath.


"I just wanted to let you know that I was accepted into A.T. Still's Medical School! Thank you so much for taking the time to give me some practice and talk me up! You helped me feel more confident after our practice interviews. It means a lot to me."

-Cole S.-

“I believe that Coach Tiffani definitely made a substantial contribution to my career goals. I came into our sessions rather reticent about pursuing my ideal career path and feeling uncertain about how “reasonable” the idea of it might be. After brainstorming and bouncing ideas off her, it became obvious that my doubts were unfounded. She was able to add a voice of reason and a touch of “you got this!” It made a big difference in how realistic I felt my goals were. And the fact that she's been through a career transition gave her insight that helped me model some of the actions she took to make her own career transition.”

-Anitra G.-

"In working with Coach Tiffani, I’ve gained a new perspective and reorganized my thoughts about my career progress, which has helped me set goals I want to reach and determine the paths I want to follow. For anybody who is uncertain how to best proceed in their career, for whatever reason, at whatever stage, I highly recommend Tiffani as a coach. Her work is thorough, logical, and clear. And working with her will help you set the right foundation you need to succeed.”

-Adna J.-

Group Sessions

Question | Share | Connect


Clients are encouraged to submit questions prior to weekly group sessions. Have a question about content in the member portall? I want to know. Wondering if others are having trouble deciding what to write in their LinkedIn About sections too? Ask the group. No question is off-limits!


Even though I'll be moderating these sessions, I won't be the only one with a voice. When you have input, I want you to share it. Don't be shy to speak up during a group session. Sharing your experience may help another person discover answers that have eluded them in the past. 


One of the most valuable components of your membership is the connections you'll build with the Career Balance Membership community during our group sessions and through discussion boards. Take advantage of this time to question, share and connect!

Meet Ilyana Kosovo

Founder of 7FBillionaires, Past Student

"Because of Amelia, I took my business from making 5-figures to 6-figures a month and now after about 7 months, we're set to hit 7-figures. She really showed me where I was going wrong in my approach to my clients and how my own mindset was causing a plateau. My existing clients gladly pay twice as much for my value now because I myself see the value in myself and my vision..."

There's only so much you can do on your own.

Sometimes you need a little help from others stuck in the same unbalanced boat as you.


Career Balance Membership

Looking for a new job is not something you should have to do alone, so I've created a community of individuals like you who prefer learning on their own terms without all the distraction you get from other social media channels. Through my Career Balance Membership, I provide private community access (no Facebook groups), weekly group sessions, downloadable worksheets and guides that actually help, and unlimited email support. If you prefer not to actively participate in discussion boards, that's OK - sit in on a group session each week instead, or simply download the worksheets and guides. Whatever your preferred learning style is, my goal is to help guide you to that new career, job, or employer of your dreams.


Resume Writing

I provide professional resume-writing services to help you be seen by employers - not just tossed aside by applicant tracking systems. Want something a bit more fancy than the standard one or two-page resume? I also design online portfolios (perfect for artists, designers, project or product managers, hair stylists, pet groomers, bloggers, contractors, etc.) and review/suggest content for LinkedIn profiles.

One-on-One or Group

Coaching Sessions 

Get personal coaching advice when and how you want it. I offer group sessions through my Career Balance Membership as well as one-on-one coaching sessions for those who need a bit more guidance in a particular area, such as interviewing practice or networking know-how. Not sure about group coaching? Sign up for a free group coaching session (choose career direction or job search) to see how it works. Learn more below!

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