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My firm belief is that coaching should be attainable and affordable for those who need it. Please take a look at the list of coaching services below, and then visit my Services Page for additional details and pricing. If you'd like to speak with me before signing up, please feel free to "Contact Me" for a quick, 15-minute consultation by phone.

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Career Balance Membership

Community | Guidance | Action


One thing I've discovered in the years I've been coaching is that everyone learns and grows in different ways. With a community-based coaching program like my Career Balance Membership, you can start where you want (with career direction or job search topics), meet with other job seekers during weekly group sessions, and communicate with other members via discussion boards and chat...all within a closed community that protects your personal information so you can focus on learning and doing.


The Career Balance Membership is designed to guide you through some of the most difficult parts of the career direction/job search process, providing resources that will point you in the right direction, regardless of where you're at in your journey. These resources are available for your use from Day 1 of your membership. Have a question that would make a great topic for a worksheet? Let your coach know!


If you've spent any time at all looking for a job, you know there's a great deal of action that needs to be taken in order to move forward. Procrastination and stagnation are obstacles many people face in their job search journey. With my Career Balance Membership, you don't just get flowery advice...you get actionable advice, up-to-date resources you can actually use, and a coach who's there to encourage you every step of the way.

The Career Balance Membership is best for people who...

...would benefit from interacting with others and learning the way they want to!

...want clear and helpful guidance.

...need actionable advice and up-to-date resources.

Coaching Sessions

Group | One-on-One | Interaction


Through group coaching sessions, I am able to keep costs down for my clients, while still providing actionable and timely advice. With purchase of a Career Balance Membership, not only will you have access to the Career Balance Community (and all of my worksheets, help guides, and career or job search-related articles), but you'll also be invited to attend weekly group sessions. These sessions last approximately 30 minutes and are scheduled during the evening for convenience.


If you find yourself struggling with a particular part of the job search process or, even after completing the exercises provided, are still uncertain about your career direction, you may want to schedule a one-on-one session with me. These sessions last approximately 55 minutes and are billed individually or as add-ons to your monthly membership. Contact Coach Tiffani to schedule your session.


Group sessions provide the perfect time to interact with other members who may be in similar situations regarding their jobs, employers, or career choices. Don't be shy about speaking up - you never know who your story may help...or who has a story that could help you!

Online sessions are best for people who...

...enjoy participating in group discussions and sharing advice.

...need a little one-on-one help from time to time.

...want to interact with others in similar situations.

Personal Branding Services

Resume | LinkedIn | Online Portfolio


The Resume Package includes a 55-minute Zoom meeting to go over your current resume and discuss changes to formatting, wording, or organization of information. You'll choose a preferred resume template, and I will transfer your information to it, providing a completed (some exceptions apply) copy in Microsoft Word format.


The LinkedIn Package includes a 30-minute Zoom meeting to review your LinkedIn profile and discuss additions and/or changes. I provide suggestions and will forward notes to you following the meeting. You will also receive a "Tips for Becoming LinkedIn" guide for further reference.

Online Portfolio

An online portfolio is essentially a "resume website" with much more available space, including plenty of room for photos, projects, and volunteer work. The Online Portfolio package includes a 55-minute brainstorming session (via Zoom) and a 30-minute post set-up session to finalize the site. Pricing is per page. Contact Coach Tiffani for a free consultation and additional details.

Personal branding services are best for people who...

...need help building or updating their resume.

...want to stand out on LinkedIn.

...have more to show potential employers than what they can fit on a two-page resume!

Meet Jamie Corbin

Founder of BossBabesWin, Past Student

"Oh man! Where can I begin? My business was really suffering from my own obsessive thinking. I was always wondering if I said the wrong thing, if my clients would just drop my services but after my one-on-one coaching with Amelia, I felt like a new person. Now, my clients are telling me that they get inspired by my confidence and the way I approach business... I have no words for what she's done for me!"

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